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Volume 37Issue 92 May 2018

    News & Views

    News & Views18 April 2018 Free Access
    Past stem cells and finally in transit: SLC1A3 instructs skin niche coupling
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    Recent work shows coordinated growth of three distinct epithelial niches and a functional role for glutamate transporter SLC1A3 in activation of stem and progenitor cells.

    News & Views5 April 2018 Free Access
    Pushed out of a tough crowd: centrosome aberrations promote invasiveness
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    Non-cell-autonomous budding of mitotic cells from an epithelium suggests how structural centrosome alterations might cause dissemination of metastatic cells.


    Article4 April 2018 Free Access
    Glutamate transporter Slc1a3 mediates inter-niche stem cell activation during skin growth
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    Stem and progenitor cell proliferation is synchronized over distinct compartments in the skin and controlled by SLC1A3 during postnatal epidermal development.

    Article22 March 2018 Open Access
    Structural centrosome aberrations promote non-cell-autonomous invasiveness
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    Decreased adherence and increased stiffness of cells overexpressing centrosomal ninein-like protein causes dissemination of wild-type cells undergoing mitosis from mosaic epithelia.

    Article4 April 2018 Free Access
    Article26 March 2018 Open Access
    Spatial separation between replisome- and template-induced replication stress signaling
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    Checkpoint activation upon replication-blocking lesions originates from Exo1-processed daughter-strand gaps and Rad9 signaling, distinguishing it from Mrc1-dependent responses to replisome-inherent problems.

    Article25 March 2018 Free Access
    Article29 March 2018 Free Access
    Phospholipid-flipping activity of P4-ATPase drives membrane curvature
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    Phosphatidylcholine-flipping at the plasma membrane can induce inward membrane curvature and membrane tubule formation upon recruitment of BAR domains to the plasma membrane.

    Article22 March 2018 Free Access
    PTRN-1/CAMSAP promotes CYK-1/formin-dependent actin polymerization during endocytic recycling
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    Direct interaction of the actin regulator formin with a patronin/CAMSAP-family microtubule-binding protein in C. elegans reveals an unexpected role of patronin in actin cytoskeleton remodeling during vesicle transport.

    Article26 March 2018 Free Access
    Endosome maturation factors Rabenosyn-5/VPS45 and caveolin-1 regulate ciliary membrane and polycystin-2 homeostasis
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    Endosomal uptake and sorting affect male mating behaviour in Caenorhabditis elegans by regulating ciliary membrane dynamics and the localization of polycystic kidney disease-associated factor polycystin-2 in sensory cilia.