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Volume 40Issue 2415 December 2021

    News & Views

    News & Views15 November 2021 Free Access
    SARS-CoV-2 variants as super cell fusers: cause or consequence of COVID-19 severity?
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    New work finds the syncytia formation in lungs that is associated with severe forms of coronavirus disease to be enhance upon infection with recently emerged alpha, beta and delta viral variants.

    News & Views19 November 2021 Free Access
    SNX10 and caspase-5 sort out endosomal LPS for a gut-wrenching Slug-fest
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    An unexpected role for caspase-5 in promoting bacterial cytosolic LPS release links LPS sensing to epithelial cell layer integrity via regulation of E-cadherin expression.


    Article30 August 2021 Free Access
    Acetylcholine-synthesizing macrophages in subcutaneous fat are regulated by β2-adrenergic signaling
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    Acute cold stimulates thermogenesis in murine beige adipocytes by triggering β2 adrenergic receptor-dependent secretion of acetylcholine from a subpopulation of adipose macrophages.

    Article8 November 2021 Free Access
    SNX10-mediated LPS sensing causes intestinal barrier dysfunction via a caspase-5-dependent signaling cascade
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    A PIKfyve/caspase-5/Lyn cascade downregulating E-cadherin expression downstream of sorting nexin 10 provides a potential pharmacological target for inflammatory bowel disease caused by intestinal microbiome alterations.

    Article6 October 2021 Open Access
    A dual-function RNA balances carbon uptake and central metabolism in Vibrio cholerae
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    A screen for repressors of cholera toxin production identifies VcdPR as the first V. cholerae RNA that acts both as a non-coding expression modulator and by encoding a small protein.

    Article2 November 2021 Open Access
    Article17 November 2021 Free Access
    RIF1 and KAP1 differentially regulate the choice of inactive versus active X chromosomes
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    Differentiation-induced Tsix RNA triggers asymmetric distribution of RIF1 and KAP1 on the future inactive and active mouse X chromosomes, respectively, establishing a self-sustaining Xist expression loop from an initially stochastic event.