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Volume 42Issue 615 March 2023

    News & Views

    News & Views16 February 2023
    Die another day: phytosulfokine at the molecular trade-off between growth and defense in plants
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    A new study shows how plant peptide hormone signaling balances plant growth and immune response via regulation of nitrogen assimilation.


    Review20 February 2023
    HIF: a master regulator of nutrient availability and metabolic cross-talk in the tumor microenvironment
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    This review summarizes emerging views on how hypoxia-inducible factors control nutrient utilization in the tumor context, mediating stress responses and metabolic competition between cancer and stromal cells.

    Review14 February 2023 Open Access


    Article6 February 2023 Open Access
    The cryo-EM structure of the CENP-A nucleosome in complex with ggKNL2
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    Centromere localization of licensing factor KNL2 is dynamically regulated during the cell cycle and ensures proper CENP-A levels as epigenetic centromere marker in chicken cells.

    Article23 December 2022
    Phytosulfokine peptide optimizes plant growth and defense via glutamine synthetase GS2 phosphorylation in tomato
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    The calcium-dependent protein kinase CPK28 phosphorylates glutamine synthetase GS2 at two distinct sites to regulate the phytosulfokine-dependent balance between plant immune responses and growth.

    Article20 February 2023 Open Access
    Article6 February 2023
    L-arginine homeostasis governs adult neural stem cell activation by modulating energy metabolism in vivo
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    Limiting intracellular L-arginine defines metabolic pathway usage in neural stem cells and safeguards neurogenesis in the adult mouse brain.

    Article30 January 2023
    Article2 February 2023 Open Access
    DNA-PKcs and ATM modulate mitochondrial ADP-ATP exchange as an oxidative stress checkpoint mechanism
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    Interplay of two DNA damage response kinases moderates ROS production from oxidative phosphorylation by temporarily disrupting VDAC2-ANT2 complexes involved in ADP-ATP exchange.